Here I am

The world is crazy. It’s always going to be crazy and I think we just have to find our own little place in it. That place is always going to shift and change and we adapt along with it. So much of the world weighs on me all the time, like it does everyone. I find escape in aesthetics and nature. Like I see these red Tiger Lillies on my walk to work and they’re one of the highlights of my day.

Right now my place is in front of the a/c as it’s now coming onto the hotter part of the summer. I’ve been working on the ideas for my story and mood boards and how I want those aesthetics to be. I’m still pulling it together. I’m inspired by so many things. The world has so much beauty and I like all sorts of music and fashion and movies and books.

Japan is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. I love Japanese prints, so that’s why they’re my images right now. I was even learning the language during quarantine, but with two jobs and school, I had to put it aside. My favorite kind of anime is Slice of Life, but I watch all kinds. Nana & InuYasha are two favorites.

I’m really interested in the color pallets and the pallet generator from I also liked the breakdown of how to choose colors and to think of them in terms of functions. The pallet generator will also save a lot of time. Usually I’d just play around with the color functions for too long. Typography is fun for me, too. I like playing fonts against colors and making words look fancy. Sometimes I like to let these two facets run wild (as I would in an oil painting). The tips this week for keeping this in check are great. My favorite is the Assets-Neutral/Dark-Call to Action color rule.

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